Hazards All Plumbers Need To Know

By Features Editor, HSE East Africa | Friday Jan 11, 2019

You can go through the best possible safety planning and still be faced with numerous hazards if you are doing plumbing work. Accidents do tend to happen from time to time. A really big part of accident prevention is to be aware of all potential dangers. This is why the specialists at Fix It Right Plumbing highlight the following as being really common hazards most plumbers need to face from time to time.


A really common workplace accidents cause is high heights work. In order to work safely at a higher height you need certified harnesses, attachment points, regular inspections and really good weather conditions. In some cases, you might need a certified mobile scaffolding, regular fixed scaffolding and even a cherry picker.

It is never a good idea to use a ladder since this is just suitable for the short-duration jobs. In addition, if you are at a higher height, you can be struck by objects and the slip and fall risks can be quite high. Workplace injuries are often caused by slip and fall accidents.


Fatal injuries can happen to the plumbers that work in highly confined spaces. A closed space that is not meant for proper oxygen levels, like storage tanks, pipes, sewers, boilers, pits and ducts can be quite challenging when thinking about breathing. Many plumbers end up with serious medical conditions because of being exposed to such problems.


Repetitive motions practically refer to regularly doing the same movement over and over. Such injuries will develop over a long time and are pretty hard to initially identify. This is why they are overlooked among numerous laborers, like plumbers. Common repetitive stress injury types include:

Soft tissue damage appearing in wrists, neck and

Muscle sprains and strains.

Back injuries that affect disks, muscles and

Wherever you work you need to be sure you minimize the need to carry, push or pull equipment and loads. Avoid repetitive work for a long time in order to minimize repetitive stress injury chances.


Various possible injuries can affect the eyesight of the plumber. Fortunately, most of these are preventable and can be easily avoided. The common eye hazards that are affecting plumbers now are exposure to foreign objects and bacteria. You want to be sure that you always wear your safety glasses. This will drastically reduce the possibility of being hurt on the job.


Unfortunately, close to 50% of active plumbers reported losing hearing because of noisy pipes, electronic machinery and banging tools. Hearing damage can affect you both on the job and off the job.


Plumbers often need to work under extreme conditions as pipes are frozen or in the event that it is extremely hot outside. Severe injuries can often happen. You need to be particularly careful whenever you work outside if it is too hot or too cold. Extra safety precautions are normally necessary whenever temperatures are extreme.

Article first published in Times Square Chronicles

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