Gold Miners Killed in Mine Collapse

By HSE East Africa | Thursday Feb 6, 2020

Four gold miners have died after the Osiri mines collapsed in Migori County. Fifteen others are nursing injuries in several hospitals with six of them in critical condition.

The tragedy happened Wednesday evening at the gold mines in Nyatike subcounty. By Thursday morning there was fear that more miners might be still trapped in the debris as search and rescue operations continue.

Area chief, David Oulo said the miners were prospecting gold in the area known for its rich mineral deposits when the mine collapsed, burying them alive.

“Three bodies were badly mutilated after being crushed, the other suffocated to death when he was cornered in a tight spot. The others were treated at Macalder hospital. The others were rushed to the referral hospital,” Oulo said.

According to the administrator, more people are still trapped in the debris although they were yet to establish the exact number.

“There are conflicting reports on the exact number of the miners who were working here, some say they were 40 while others claim they were only 15, we are still tallying the number,” he said.

He noted that the rescue operations would continue until all the victims are accounted for.

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Source: The Star

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